Process Post #5

What I had done:

  • Posted a new story;
  • Tried to change my font but still did not work;
  • Did not receive my peer review #2 yet.

How I felt so far:

  • Since I am working for two part-time jobs and taking courses at the same, the most important thing I found was time management. It was hard to find enough time to reflect on my everyday life and to put my thoughts into words.
  • Regarding my homepage, I found that as I am posting more articles, my homepage became longer and longer. I am trying to figure out a different layout for the homepage.

In the last hour of Internet:

This was the question from our lecture. I always wrote a lot of my thoughts on some of my social platforms where only close friends and strangers could see my posts. It was kind of like an online diary for me to keep track of what I thought and how I felt. This was my way to reflect on myself. If I only have one last hour to access to Internet, I would first try to copy what I have wrote online. Perhaps this was a part of my memory.

I was not afraid of losing contacts because I already had the phone numbers of my most important friends. I was not afraid of losing access to Netflix or Sportify because I believed that once we lose the access to Internet, the traditional lifestyle would come back. We could still have access to music, movie, TV drama, books, etc. I am not worried about this.


Feb 14, 2017 Tue

Feb 18, 2017 Sat

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